About BHW

Boles Holmes White LLC

BHW LLC is a boutique full-service law firm providing general and corporate counsel legal services and litigation services to businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs, government offices and entities, and business clients in industries such as real estate, banking, telecommunications, environmental, transportation, mining, technology, media, healthcare and manufacturing sectors. We advise a broad range of clients from mature companies capturing market share to early stage start-up companies. We provide organizations with services typically provided by a general counsel and outside corporate counsel in a cost-effective, efficient and responsive manner. Our general counsel and transaction services concentrate on general corporate counseling; contract negotiations; licensing and joint venture transactions; mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; employment counseling; business entity formation, commercial real estate transactions commercial lending; litigation, tax matters, patent filings, and international transactions, to name a few.

Our corporate law attorneys and business attorneys have particular expertise and experience in providing legal services and business counseling to small, medium, and large businesses in a full range of business, commercial, and litigation matters. Our defense and personal injury litigation attorneys are well versed in negotiation and claim settlement. Our criminal defense attorneys have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in criminal defense. Our lawyers have successfully defended clients against criminal charges throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, California, and many other states. Our experience has helped thousands of clients. BHW has represented and assisted public and private companies to navigate the investigatory process from agencies like the Department of Justice, FDA, EPA, SEC, CBP, Office of Foreign Assets Control, and Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General. In matters ranging from allegations of health care, securities, tax, and mortgage fraud to RICO violations, bribery and money laundering, immigration offenses, offenses under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, theft of trade secrets, economic espionage, IP offenses, and even NAFTA violations, our lawyers provide timely, capable defense against both civil and criminal investigations and prosecution.

We offer our clients personal and individualized attention in addressing and resolving their particular legal matter. We listen to our clients so that we may identify their goals and fully understand and identify the important legal issues inherent in their case. Dedication to quality representation and a thorough understanding of the law make BHW a wise choice for individuals and businesses in need of distinctive experienced legal representation and personal representation. Contact us today and see how we can be of assistance to you.