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Administrative Law

Both state governments and the federal government have policies and regulations with which businesses must comply or face unwanted consequences. Attorneys in our administrative law practice work closely with those involved in business litigation, appellate litigation, white collar criminal defense, compliance, regulatory representation and professional license protection practice areas to provide our clients with the most effective advocacy and comprehensive approach to administrative issues and disputes as possible. Often, clients find themselves accused of violating government regulations they were not even aware existed. This can be the result of misinformation, newly enacted regulations, or simply changes to existing statutes or rules.

Aside from Boles Holmes White’s base knowledge and understanding of these governmental agencies and the complex web regulations they implement, we have the experience challenging and defending such regulations when our client’s businesses and livelihoods have been threatened.

Our attorneys have a history of success defending businesses from a variety of industries in proceedings before both state and federal administrative agencies. Because BHW’s lawyers work closely with other practice areas within our firm, we are also successful challenging administrative decisions on appeal to protect our clients’ interests. We use the input and guidance of our appellate attorneys to ensure each client has the best case for appeal, in the event an adverse ruling is given by an agency. Some of the agencies our firm has appeared before or dealt with include: .

  • The Department of Justice
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General
  • The Alabama Ethics Commission
  • State of Alabama Real Estate Commission
  • The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

At BHW, we are equipped with a deep understanding of governmental entities and policy-making bodies to provide our corporate clients with current, comprehensive assistance to make sure their business operate within the requirements of governmental regulations. We also have attorneys who work closely on issues of state legislative matters. Our attorneys specialize in regulatory compliance and administrative defense of a wide variety of issues that concern a business, including employment matters, professional licenses, taxation, compliance, zoning and permits, claims arising out of federal and state grants, communications, health and safety, and insurance matters.

We regularly represent clients dealing with federal, state, and even local agencies. Alongside this experience, our attorneys have the best understanding of how to resolve our client’s disputes, approaching each case with the personalization clients deserve, rather than pursuing a cookie-cutter defense. In some cases, that may mean taking the issue to court. In other instances, it may mean we continue fighting for you before the government agency. No matter what challenge a particular client is facing, we have the experience to protect you and your business.

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