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Appellate Litigation

Appellate Litigation

One reality of our judicial system is that sometimes the trial verdict isn’t right. Boles Holmes White’s appellate practice is staffed with skilled and experienced lawyers to ensure your rights are protected, especially after a court has improperly ruled against you. Our appellate attorneys have a history of success for our clients in both state courts of appeal and federal appellate courts. We also regularly represent clients for appeals from administrative court decisions.

Appellate litigation requires a different knowledge of procedural rules and creative approaches to supported, thoughtfully researched legal arguments. Having represented clients nationally in matters of appeals ranging from final judgments, interlocutory appeals, petitions for rehearing, to petitions for writs of certiorari to the Alabama Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States, we are ready to help you continue your fight.

Success. No matter the challenge.

We have been able to secure post-trial victories for our appellate clients on a variety of legal issues, including Constitutional violations, civil rights, commercial litigation, and banking and securities appeals. Our focus in both state and federal appeals is to effectively present issues through thorough, well-written and reasoned briefs, highlighting flaws in a trial court’s decision in order to achieve justice for our clients. In addition to our appellate attorneys’ legal writing skills, our firm is able to present those briefs persuasively to judges in oral arguments.

Using our appellate experience to protect our clients at every step.

At Boles Holmes White, our strong appellate practice not only benefits those clients who hire us on appeal, but it also benefits our clients we represent at the trial level. We take our experience and knowledge of state and federal appeals and apply it to the way we litigate throughout trial, in order to get the right outcome the first time. Occasionally, trial-level attorneys commit errors that can significantly damage or eliminate the possibility of a successful appeal. BHW attorneys that specialize in appellate litigation often advise our trial attorneys of potential issues that may arise in a particular case on appeal. Because our trial attorneys approach each case with this awareness, we are able to protect the record in the event we have to challenge or defend a court’s ruling at a higher level.

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