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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Whether your business requires answers to specific questions, or you are looking to make sure every aspect of your business is operating as it needs to be from top to bottom, the lawyers in our business consulting practice have the experience and cutting-edge knowledge of a broad range of industries in order to get you where you want to be.

How we can help.

From advising entrepreneurs just beginning to grow their business to handling multi-million-dollar sales and counseling large corporations, we’re prepared to represent you across industries including real estate, banking, telecommunications, environmental, transportation, mining, technology, media, healthcare, and manufacturing. Within these fields, our attorneys are regularly retained as representatives in matter of general corporate counseling, contract negotiation, licensing and joint venture transactions, mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, employment counseling, business entity formation, commercial real estate transactions, commercial lending, litigation, tax matters, patent filings, and international transaction counseling. Clients rely on our team for an array of services, from one-time issue resolutions to serving as general corporate counsel.

More than statements of law.

In addition to being knowledgeable about black letter law and how it can affect a business, we view the legal hurdles and challenges faced by business with the management side of things as well. The attorneys in our business consulting practice have focused on business litigation throughout their careers. Whether it be taking experience as previous in-house counsel for fortune 500 companies or relying on decades of experience in representing corporate clients and assisting the governmental agencies that draft legislation that will in turn affect businesses of all sizes, we provide each client with the representation they deserve to make their business its best.

The quality of  large firm representation without the expense.

Aside from our team’s years of practice representing businesses, spanning from sole proprietorships to large corporations, one of the most unique and appealing reasons to hire Boles Holmes White is that our involvement and assistance to businesses can be as limited or as comprehensive as the client needs. Unlike representation from the expensive “big law” firms, our main focus remains on providing the client with what they need, not billing the client for work that was not expected or needed. Our firm has the balance of personalized service with the experience and resources of big law, at a fraction of the cost.

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