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Business Formation And Dissolution

Business Formation and Dissolution

A personalized approach for every new entity or venture.

The start of any business should mean the sky is the limit for what that business can achieve. At Boles Holmes White, our business attorneys will be there to make sure from formation to multi-million-dollar success, you can control your business as you wish. Because there are so many available ways to form a business, this initial decision can have a lasting impact on the way your business grows.

Our attorneys have counseled clients in the formation of limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, series limited liability companies, and corporations in a diverse collection of industries. So, whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to establish a sole proprietorship, or an established company looking to incorporate, our lawyers have the legal and practical knowledge of which type of entity will best suit your needs.

As part of BHW’s commitment to offering personalized service to all of our clients, our business attorneys know that not everything about starting a business is black and white. We understand the uncertainty of starting a new business, the regulatory and tax consequences of each type of business entity, as well as simply the legal definitions of each possible option. Understanding both the strictly legal benefits and disadvantages of each possibility, incorporated with the practical knowledge and experience our attorneys provide, our attorneys will be able to meet your targets today, while ensuring your long-term goals are attainable.

Knowing how to shut down a business is just as important as starting one.

On the other hand, there may come a time for a business where dissolution is either the best or only option. In those instances, our attorneys have the expertise to advise clients as to the appropriate steps that must be taken in order to properly dissolve a business.

Depending on the type of entity, dissolving a business can be an extremely simple task, or one that involves following a company’s operating agreement or other governing documents. Dissolution can also be more or less complex depending on how many stakeholders are a part of the business, or the nature of assets of the business that must be sold. Business dissolution often involves many other parties other than the owners and knowing exactly who should be notified about the closing of a business, including creditors and state offices/agencies, is a crucial part of successfully dissolving a business. Additionally, there are certain tax requirements that must be met when dissolving a business entity, and failure adhere to IRS or local tax regulations is a serious matter. Don’t let a simple mistake trigger future legal pains. Let our attorneys make sure the process is handled correctly from start to finish.

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