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With increasing regulatory control over businesses in nearly every industry, corporate entities are being forced to adapt and may struggle to ensure they are meeting each requirement imposed by regulatory agencies. Not only has the scope of regulation increased recently, the cost corporate entities incur when they are in violation of a regulation continues to climb. When dealing with compliance, the saying “the best offense is a good defense” rings true. That’s why the attorneys at Boles Holmes White focus on staying informed about both new legislation and regulations as well as measures that are under consideration by governing bodies that may affect our clients in the future.

At Boles Holmes White, the lawyers in our compliance practice are able to provide accurate, comprehensive, and personalized representation to their clients because of their in-depth understanding of how our client’s businesses operate. Our firm strives to create long-term, personal relationships with our clients, beginning by working closely with each business to become familiar with their operations and management. Our attorneys also on their backgrounds in business law and representing some of the largest corporations in the country in order to offer guidance on a range of regulatory issues that are effective and also manageable for business.

The attorneys in our compliance practice have experience with issues arising out of various agencies including:

  • The Department of Justice
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting
  • Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General
  • The Alabama Ethics Commission
  • State of Alabama Real Estate Commission
  • The Alabama Board of Medical Examiners

The agencies listed above represent only a small sample of entities that impose compliance obligations on businesses and other professionals. In addition, many compliance issues that arise involve more than one regulatory agency. This overlap requires representation by attorneys who have skills and experience in corporate compliance to guide our clients regarding their duties and responsibilities, as well as regarding necessary steps to ensure cost-effective regulatory compliance.

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