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Directors' And Officers' Liability

Directors' And Officers' Liability

Within the scope of our general business litigation practice, Boles Holmes White has professional liability attorneys that focus more specifically director and officer liability. Claims involving director and officer liability can range from general premises liability claims to more complex allegations of breaches of a fiduciary duty to a corporation’s shareholders. Additionally, director and officer liability is not limited to large corporations. Smaller, self-governing boards, government officials, and non-profit organizations, to name a few, are examples of entities that may face liability issues.

Another factor that may add to the complexity of a claim is how it is initiated. Director and officer suits may be initiated by governmental agencies, shareholders, legislative committees, etc. Not only do our attorneys have extensive backgrounds in business litigation, we regularly deal with government agencies, allowing us to better represent our clients in a director and officer liability action. This experience frequently leads to a prompt and favorable resolution for our clients.

If a claim of director and officer liability claim has arisen in your business, our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience defending individuals against these claims, no matter how complex the circumstances. We regularly represent director and officers in both state and federal courts and have frequently been able to resolve these issues in the best interest of our client before formal proceedings become necessary.

Planning for protection

At Boles Holmes White, we focus on offering guidance throughout the business planning process, working to ensure that business owners, directors, and officers have created a framework to protect themselves from future claims of liability. With decades of experience serving as counsel for a wide variety of businesses and other organizations, we assist our clients with drafting required filings, putting policies in place to protect the client, and determining what kind of director and officer liability insurance is the most appropriate fit on an individual basis. Through strategic planning, our goal is to minimize the risk of litigation so that a business’s resources remain with the business, allowing for growth and success.

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