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Outside Counsel

Frequently, businesses will need the regular assistance of an attorney, but for various reasons, such as cost and size of the business, will not have in-house counsel. For all but some of the largest businesses, hiring in-house legal counsel is impractical and unnecessary, as there are not enough legal issues arising on a regular basis to warrant creating a legal department. The benefits of in-house counsel are obvious – as company employees, you know your lawyers understand your business better than anyone. At Boles Holmes White, we realize that this understanding of our clients’ businesses is the foundation of a successful relationship. Our goal is always to provide personal service and representation, at a cost that is reasonable to a wide range of businesses.

No matter what area of business a client may be in, it is inevitable that they will face legal issues or questions from time to time. Hiring Boles Holmes White to serve as outside counsel can assist businesses in handling matters ranging from employment disputes, contract drafting and negotiations, business tort litigation, risk management, SEC and securities, director and officer liability, compliance, business formation, mergers, real estate purchases and sales, and real estate leases, among others that may arise over the life of a business.

Reducing cost without sacrificing quality

One of the most notable benefits of having outside counsel is the streamlining of costs and communications for a business. Rather than owners constantly communicating with a different lawyer for each and every issue that comes up, outside counsel serves as adviser for all business matters. Our team of attorneys has extensive experience representing corporate clients from sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies, resulting in skillful and expedient resolutions of legal issues for those we represent.  Not only does outside counsel save time for business owners, our firm is able to provide quality representation at a fraction of the cost of in-house counsel and even other private law firms.

We approach each new client’s business with the goal of creating a long-term relationship – starting with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the business, from long-term goals to day-to-day activities. Contact our firm today and find out how a partnership with our outside general counsel practice can aid your business.

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