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Experienced Embezzlement Attorney in Birmingham, AL

Based in Birmingham, the law firm of Boles Holmes White has successfully represented executives, managers and employees accused of embezzlement and other large-scale thefts. Our accomplished lawyers have represented accused embezzlers on state and federal charges in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and throughout the United States.

If you have been questioned or arrested in connection with a major theft, contact our office immediately. As with other “white collar” crimes, employee theft is one area where early involvement of legal counsel can make a real difference.

In ideal situations, Boles Holmes White has negotiated resolutions without involving law enforcement. In other cases, we have been able to prevent a grand jury indictment or convince prosecutors to drop the charges. If the case should go forward, you are represented by prominent trial lawyers with the demonstrated skills to fight for your freedom.

Aggressive Representation in Embezzlement and Theft

Our theft and embezzlement defense attorneys have handled the full spectrum of felony theft charges:

  • Embezzlement from corporate accounts
  • Theft of client funds
  • Theft from a non-profit, church or charity
  • Misappropriation of company property
  • Abuse of corporate credit cards and expense accounts
  • Credit card thefts, auto thefts and other grand larceny

In a common scenario, missing funds are revealed by an audit or uncovered by a co-worker. The person is usually terminated and escorted from the premises, with no opportunity to explain the discrepancy or review the books.

Nationwide Embezzlement Defense Attorneys

The BHW team has decades of combined experience in criminal defense. They can accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case and challenge the allegations:

  • Sometimes, there is no money actually missing, merely accounting errors.
  • We identify others who had access to the same accounts and opportunity for a set-up.
  • Sometimes the allegations are fabricated by an employer or co-worker to get rid of the person accused.

Where an embezzlement or theft did occur, the company or victim is often most interested in recovering the lost money. Boles Holmes White has negotiated settlements to make full or partial restitution in exchange for termination of employment and dropping of charges.

We explore all mitigating factors (addiction, financial woes) to limit any punishment, and we are prepared to go to trial when the government’s case has significant holes or a plea bargain would be career-ending.

Call us at 205-502-2000 or Contact Us online to arrange a confidential consultation.

Federal Cases
USA vs. Edwards
Tax Evasion
USA vs.McLemore
Government Benefits Fraud
USA vs. Smith
Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Honest Services Fraud, Bribery, Federal Programs Fraud, Money Laundering
NOT Guilty All 19 Counts
USA vs. Dyer
Bank Fraud
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Scrushy
36 Counts Conspiracy Wire Fraud Mail Fraud Sarbanes-Oakley Money Laundering
NOT Guilty on All Counts
USA vs. Conn
Wire Fraud Federal Contract Fraud
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Abercrombie
Theft of Government Funds
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Grimes
Wire Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Nemish
Bank Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Phillips
Bank Fraud
USA vs. Bond and Benefield
Rackateering Wire Fraud Conspiracy
1 Year Probation Dismissed on Government motion
USA vs. Johnson
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Mershon
Wire Fraud
Charges Dismissed
USA vs. Johnson
Government Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Khan
Interstate Terrorist Threat
USA vs. Taaid
Eastern District of Michigan Healthcare Fraud
Negotiated Plea
USA vs. Lam
Tuscon, Arizona Largest U.S. Counterfeit Case
Negotiated Plea
USA vs. Kennedy
Mail Fraud Money Laundering
State Cases
State vs. Khan
NOT Guilty
State vs. Moore
Theft of Property I
NOT Guilty
State vs. Alderman
Theft of Property I
NOT Guilty
State vs. Kilpatrick
Conspiracy Perjury
Plea to Obstruction of Justice
Theft Cases
State v. Griffin
Hung Jury (twice)
State v. Uber
Theft by Deception
NOT Guilty
State v. Berry
Possession of Forged Instrument 1st
NOT Guilty
State v. Graham
Theft of Property – 7 counts
NOT Guilty all counts
State v. Herring
Theft of Property – 30 misdemeanor counts
NOT Guilty all counts
State v. Woodham
State v. Eriksson
State v. Whitley
Receiving Stolen Property with numerous priors

Negotiated Plea

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