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Insurance fraud can take many forms. Our insurance fraud attorneys have experience providing representation in the following situations:

  • Arson to claim on a fire policy
  • Fraudulent billing by physician to collect from health insurer
  • Overbilling by home health provider
  • Falsifying records by pharmacist collecting from insurer
  • Medical device supplier accused of supplying unnecessary equipment
  • Murder or faking a death to claim on life insurance
  • Falsifying claims from an auto accident
  • Lying on claims to FEMA from a natural disaster

Our law firm has an impeccable reputation in high stakes white-collar criminal defense. We have extensive experience in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurer fraud allegations and have successfully represented the accused in both state and federal court. As a result of our successes, attorneys with Boles Holmes White have received national attention. With this attention, we’ve been granted the opportunity to represent those accused of insurance fraud across the country, from Florida to Michigan, and from Pennsylvania to Alaska. Based upon our long history with such highly complex cases and our record of success defending clients against insurance fraud charges, our skilled white collar criminal defense attorneys have the focus, determination, and—most importantly—vital experience to defend you against accusations of insurance fraud.

Vast experience with insurance fraud and federal financial crimes.

Our experience with insurance fraud cases is supplemented by our long history working within the complex and high stakes area of white collar criminal defense. Our areas of practice include other crimes related to fraud: Bankruptcy Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Securities Fraud, Wire Fraud, and a host of other financial crimes. If you face investigation or prosecution for insurance fraud, Boles Holmes White will offer an exceptional defense by an esteemed law firm.

Accused of workers compensation fraud, Medicare, Medicaid, or other health care fraud?

Investigations and accusations of fraud may be an attempt to keep your benefits. You should not face these fraud charges and insurance investigations without experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at your side. Contact Boles Holmes White if you have any of the following concerns:

  • I am a doctor charged with insurance fraud. Will I lose my medical license?
  • I have been convicted of auto insurance fraud. Can an attorney still help me?
  • I live in Jacksonville and have been charged with life insurance fraud. Are state laws in Florida different from other states?
  • My Oxford employer has a workers’ compensation policy from an Atlanta based company and they are accusing me of fraud. Do I need a lawyer from Mississippi or Georgia?

You may have these and many other questions if you are facing charges of life insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, auto insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or other types of fraud. The aggressive and experienced insurance fraud attorneys at Boles Holmes White will answer your concerns and rigorously defend your rights.

Federal Cases
USA vs. Edwards
Tax Evasion
USA vs.McLemore
Government Benefits Fraud
USA vs. Smith
Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Honest Services Fraud, Bribery, Federal Programs Fraud, Money Laundering
NOT Guilty All 19 Counts
USA vs. Dyer
Bank Fraud
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Scrushy
36 Counts Conspiracy Wire Fraud Mail Fraud Sarbanes-Oakley Money Laundering
NOT Guilty on All Counts
USA vs. Conn
Wire Fraud Federal Contract Fraud
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Abercrombie
Theft of Government Funds
Negotiated Plea to Probation
USA vs. Grimes
Wire Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Nemish
Bank Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Phillips
Bank Fraud
USA vs. Bond and Benefield
Rackateering Wire Fraud Conspiracy
1 Year Probation Dismissed on Government motion
USA vs. Johnson
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Mershon
Wire Fraud
Charges Dismissed
USA vs. Johnson
Government Fraud
NOT Guilty
USA vs. Khan
Interstate Terrorist Threat
USA vs. Taaid
Eastern District of Michigan Healthcare Fraud
Negotiated Plea
USA vs. Lam
Tuscon, Arizona Largest U.S. Counterfeit Case
Negotiated Plea
USA vs. Kennedy
Mail Fraud Money Laundering
State Cases
State vs. Khan
NOT Guilty
State vs. Moore
Theft of Property I
NOT Guilty
State vs. Alderman
Theft of Property I
NOT Guilty
State vs. Kilpatrick
Conspiracy Perjury
Plea to Obstruction of Justice
Theft Cases
State v. Griffin
Hung Jury (twice)
State v. Uber
Theft by Deception
NOT Guilty
State v. Berry
Possession of Forged Instrument 1st
NOT Guilty
State v. Graham
Theft of Property – 7 counts
NOT Guilty all counts
State v. Herring
Theft of Property – 30 misdemeanor counts
NOT Guilty all counts
State v. Woodham
State v. Eriksson
State v. Whitley
Receiving Stolen Property with numerous priors

Negotiated Plea

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